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     Most current construction materials have been used for decades and some for centuries. Concrete and steel are responsible for Co2 emissions. Also, brick and stone are heavy and have used natural resources. The current linear economy in the construction sector could not be used for the future due to a lack of resources and environmental impacts. 4.OMID is building the modular, mutable, and disassemblable buildings. 4.OMID not only is going to follow circular economy principles in the construction industry but also, creates a circular product and structure system. Its vision is to make Earth a better place for all species via creating a circular waste-free construction sector.


4.OMID would be like LEGO & IKEA for architects and construction engineers. You could disassemble and reassemble architectural forms to create new forms without creating waste. You could build the whole structure with just two congruent right-angled triangles. It could be used for a variety of functions even to build houses on Mars.


In addition, 4.OMID would provide a solution to rebuild houses after natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and typhoons in rural areas, islands, and far places.

Problem Statement

4. OMID is going to reduce these problems in the construction sector:


  • Solid waste creation

  • Co2 emission

  • Fatal injury

  • Time

  • Cost


     The majority of solid waste have created in the construction sector. 4.OMID construction product and system not only do not create waste but also, it would use biodegradable and biobased materials with the upcycling trait. 


Transporting and producing construction products are responsible for a big portion of Co2 emissions. 4.OMID is going to use Additive Manufacturing and new materials not only to produce the product onsite but also, to use less materials.


The construction industry is responsible for a big portion of fatal injury due to the use of heavy materials like concrete and steel. 4.OMID via using AM technology is going to produce lightweight, prefabricated and modular construction product which could reduce the fatal injury in the construction process.


4.OMID produce product onsite via using Additive Manufacturing. So, you not only could eliminate the time needed to transfer materials from the supply chain to the site but also, you could reduce the construction process by using the modular system. The dry joint makes the assembling process fast.


4.OMID not only is going to use fewer materials and reduce time but also like IKEA, it will make the construction process simple for construction workers. So, you do not need professional workers to build the building. This feature not only reduces the cost but also, is essential for rural areas.


To create circular waste-free construction could improve the quality of life for all species on earth.

Preliminary Literature Review

     Geometry has used for centuries in architectural forms and structures. Buckminster Fuller had shown us that using geometry also could lead us to material efficiency in construction. Since the geodesic dome and house built till now there have been several attempts to use that patterns, different details, and materials to create domes, houses, and other forms. However, there were fewer efforts to improve the patterns and those geometries. Even Though, geodesic dome and house have several benefits however, in my view:

  • The height to weight ratio should improve

  • To have vertical walls could improve the function of buildings

In addition to improving the geometric patterns:

  • We could also make the patterns modular

    • My attempt is to use two congruent right angle triangles to build the whole structure

  • Dis & reassemble possibility 

    • Using dry joints could lead us to create different forms with the same materials 

  • To build a structure process simple to build via simplicity in Geometry patterns

In this way, we could design more efficient and circular architectural forms and structures.


     The primary research method for this study is applied, field, quantitative, experimental, and flexible.


I am going to conjoint Additive Manufacturing with Bio-Based materials and modular system to create the product. Then, via standard tests, we could improve product design and test different materials that are available now. 


To build the actual structure in the field to test is the next step. Via experimental method, we could improve the result and it could lead us to efficient material used in our product.


The aim is to launch a startup company to provide a circular product, structure systems, and businesses in the construction sector.


     These are some reports to show the importance of creating a circular waste-free construction sector which has helped me in my research journey.


Global Status

Report 2018

Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building & Nuclear Safety,

Waste Management in Germany 2018 - Facts, data, diagrams

Municipality of 
The Netherlands



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