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#2Mars4Earth By #Artemis010

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To tackle the climate crisis we need to raise citizens, companies, and the cities' engagement in the European targets such as the Green Deal, Circular Cities, and the New European Bauhaus!

Artemis 010 is the co-creative activity to build the first circular bio-composite sculptures in collaboration with citizens, companies, and the cities.



We provide the opportunity for more than 6,000 citizens and companies to engage with a kilo of paper waste or other bio-fiber waste. Then we produce 7 Circular Bio-composite bricks for every participant.


Bricks are produced for reusing, repurposing, and at the end each brick becomes a fruit tree in Rotterdam.


Participants will build their own sculptures during the co-creative activities and at the end each participant owns 7 bricks and plants them, after two years.


We aim to produce 36,318 bricks to build three Circular Pyramids (162cm, 324cm, and 648 cm height and width).

City lab summary 1.png

Would you be interested to invest your time, experiences, and network on Artemis by:

  • Testing your bio products with our Circular Pyramids & Designs

  • Testing our circular bricks (prototype), producing sculptures, and giving us feedback and advice

  • Participant in the initiative with a kilo of your paper waste

  • Or connecting us with whom would be interested in

Please let us know by email (

We can't wait to communicate, connect, collaborate, and make a change with like-minded citizens, companies, and cities!

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